We understand that the key to business growth lies in effective sales lead generation. With our comprehensive suite of services, we are dedicated to helping your business thrive by connecting you with the right prospects and improving revenue through strategic sales initiatives.

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Our lead generation consultants will take care of outreach emails and developing leads, so your sales staff don't have to chase cold calls,
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Introducing Our Services


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Cold Email Outreach

Before embarking on a cold email campaign, it is vital to make sure the accounts that receive these emails are potentially interested.

As lead generation consultants, we will study your existing data, previous emails and follow-up strategy to find areas of improvement, before delivering personalised emails to your prospects on your behalf. From here we can track and test results to fine tune the performance of your campaign and help boost your sales lead generation.

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Demand Generation

With outbound strategy that increases demand, driven by data and informed study of your markets. We will address your core pain points and find both new markets and create ideal customer profiles.

We will run pilot campaigns, with experienced writers crafting emails for each group, and our sales development representatives will compile reports on each customer engagement, and fill your pipeline with appointments.

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Sales Development

We offer a full complement of sales development services. Our lead generation consultants will analyse data, responses, and measure them against established criteria to help turn leads into prospects, and put you into contact with genuinely interested potential clients.

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Appointment Setting

Once your prospects demonstrate real interest, we can then book them in with your sales team to close the deal. Along with the appointment itself, we can generate a detailed handover, so your staff are not left in the cold, and can progress the lead smoothly towards closing out a sale. With our expertise in sales lead generation we have the capability to turn your prospects into sales.

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What Is Included When You Sign Up With Credence


Structured onboarding


We refine your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and outline the roadmap to your hyper personalised campaign, complete with milestones, potential pitfalls, and steps to take during each phase.

Granular research
and content writing

Our dedicated researchers gather and verify hand-curated data via 3 step validation. Your sales named email is also warmed up via our lead generation platform for better deliverability of emails. Using an expansive approach library and the best email-writing guidelines, we personalise your message and make each word ring true with your prospects.

Deliverability and reporting


We apply our years-long experience to keep your emails out of spam folders and make your email journey clear and flawless. Your campaign performance is documented by up to date weekly reports. This helps us generate actionable data and keep your strategy flexible and resistant to pitfalls.





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