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Does your business need more work? Are you looking for customers who in turn are looking for you? Do you need someone to help generate leads while you work on what you do best?

Here at Credence Business Consultants, we perform sales lead generation, marketing consultancy, and business advice, creating practical solutions from business problems.

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Specialists in The Travel Industry

We have a superb track record of helping hotels, travel agents and the hospitality industry obtain leads, reach new clients, and turn around their businesses. From small independent accommodations, to large hotel chains, we have a proven record of sales lead generation and marketing development, enabling these businesses to thrive in challenging times.

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How we operate

We are specialists in leveraging technology to accelerate and improve key stages of the sales process.

With our help, you can outsource sales processes like lead acquisition, nurturing, follow-ups, and data management, giving your company the freedom to work on its strengths, while we find more
future business for you.

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Our research weighted approach

We utilise data to give you the best possible returns on investment for email campaigns, social media marketing, and enable you to make informed decisions on your sales and marketing strategy.

Our sales lead generation services are here to help you find the clients your business needs and keep your business moving forwards.


Lead Generation Services


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Cold Email Outreach 

We have the data and knowhow to make an email marketing campaign work for you, without appearing ‘spammy'.

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Demand Generation 

We will help you engage with leads and revitalise prospects to secure new deals.

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Sales Development 

Nurturing your prospects until they show genuine interest in your services.



Services dedicated to the growth of your company

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A little about Charu Patel

Charu will be your primary point of contact during your consultation, and will work with you to help improve your sales lead generation and marketing process. She is a highly experienced professional with more than two decades of experience in the field of hospitality, sales, and business development. With her help your business can find new ways to grow and improve, and enhance your sales process.

Charu has exceptional communication skills, an ability to understand client needs, and a dedication to providing impeccable customer service at all stages. With a track record of delivering success in many different sectors, Charu can deliver business growth for your company and help you to achieve your goals.



About Credence Business Consultants

We have a proven track record of delivering results for businesses across industries. Our approach is tailored to your unique business needs and objectives, and our experienced team of professionals is committed to your success. 


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Our Experiences


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Over two decades working in hospitality
and technology sector.


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Expertise in sales lead generation for start-up and scale up companies, as well as for businesses who are busy and need a constant pipeline.

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A sales, client success, content management
and marketing team based in India, UK,
the US, Australia and Germany.


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Industry expertise: Hospitality, healthcare, technology, and education, to name a few

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Industry expertise: Hospitality, healthcare, technology, and education, to name a few

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Also has expertise in sales strategy
and revenue optimisation



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Industries we work with


 icon of a hotel bell     Hotels

an icon of an aeroplane for travel     Travel agents

an icon of three figures with a hospital cross above them   Healthcare


an icon of a wrench     Technology

an icon of a pharmaceutical paper with a hospital cross and pencil     Pharmaceutical

an icon of a heart   Non-profit organisations

an icon of a computer screen     Information technology

an icon of two gears - one large and one smaller to the top right of the first     Software development

an icon of a building with a shield next to it  Facilities management services



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